Monday, 28 January 2008

BattleLore League Week 3

This week we played two of the official web scenarios, Goblin Gold and Dwarven Renegades.

The first scenario is an official Days of Wonder web published scenario for Goblin Skirmishers and as such, contained Goblins on both sides. We split up into two groups with Steve and I facing off and Bruce and Darren going head to head. Neither Darren nor I had much luck with this battle, with Bruce hammering Darren 12-5 (and winning his 4th game in a row) and Steve trouncing me 12-4 using the spell Chain Lightning to great effect.

The second was a web published scenario for Dwarven Battalions that pitted the basement dwellers (Darren and I) against each other and the top two players (Bruce and Steve). I squeaked out a 11-10 win by using my lone heavy cavalry and killing two units on the final turn to break a 4-4 deadlock. Steve managed to stop Bruce’s winning streak dead in it’s tracks with a similar 11-10 score.

The current standings are:


Next game session is Sunday Feb 3th at Myth Games at noon


tim said...

So what's the deal...

Does this Darren character just have the worst luck ever or are the other guys Battlelore-sharks or something - playing with stacked decks and stuff!?

Jolo said...

He has absolutely no luck except bad. He and Bruce play against each other quite often and Bruce wons about half the time.

Dice have not gone my ways sometimes either, but never as bad as Darren