Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Cause it's game night

or at least a review

I didn't expect many to turn out for Saturday night games due to the weather but I was pleasantly surprised by because we had a total of nine show up and played 5 different games, with 5 different winners.

We started the night with two different tables, the first being Ingenious, won by that ingenious fellow Rick over three others. The other table had Formula Motor Racing which I won and Tim finished last with one point in three races (I will get back to Tim later).

We switched tables around and had a four player game of Carcassonne: The Discovery (Brenda's favourite) which she narrowly won by 18 points... The zombies in the group kept chanting "Brains!" and played Mall of Horror which Lenora won after Tim got all his people eaten.

We wrapped up the night with a nine player one lap race of Formula De' and we finished the race in about 2 hours with the the night's whipping boy Tim winning handily. He led wire to wire and finished a full turn ahead of the rest of us. The important thing is that we all finished.

My suggestion for next game night is the 16th of Feb, it is the Saturday of a long weekend and I am gone the weekend after that so the only choices are the 9th and the 16th. Any preferences?

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tim said...

As long as you show up the 22-24 weekend, I don't care when you have your game night!