Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Week 2 Battle Lore League

There still being only four of us, we played two more scenarios and the league standings did change. Bruce took advantage of everyone and had a perfect day, winning all his battles and leaving the rest of us in his dust.

The first scenario was from the Goblin Skirmishers, and is called “Riding down the Spear Bearers”. I was pitted against Darren while Steve and Bruce battled. Darren won his first battle 6-5 over me, but I came back and caused a draw in the overall fight. Bruce won half his battle and beat Steve by 3.

The second scenario was Axe and Spear from the Dwarven Battalion pack. This one really showed me how much my dice (and Bruce’s dastardly plan) were hurting me as Bruce beat me by 3, winning both sides. Darren slipped back into his old ways, losing to Steve by 1.

The current standings are:


League play resumes on the 27th at Myth Games

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tim said...

Maybe the guys making battle lore will be coming out with loads of their own stuff... but have you seen the 1/72 plastic fantasy figures from Caesar Miniatures?

I saw them listed at Woodrow's War Store (in Edmonton)

$11CAD for 35-ish guys.... better than a kick in the junk...!