Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The poll over there on the right

This poll is for the long game night I plan on holding March 15th (players willing). I thought that you may want to get an idea of what each of the games are before you voted so here is a quick summary and a link to each.

1856 is a 3-6 player train game. The review here will probably help you more then I can. 2 things you should know, 5-6 hours and a brain burner!

Power Grid, this is a classic economics game and realistically should not be on a new games night but, I really enjoy this game and always welcome the chance to play it. This is considered to be about a 2.5 hour game. There are several new maps as well, not to mention the new deck...

Doom, a science fiction based dungeon crawl based on the video game. One player takes the role of the bugs, up to three other players take the role of marines. This is considered a three hour game.

Soldier Kings, the only wargame of the group. It recreates the battles over the new world from 1756-1763. This looks to be fairly light.

I have closed the poll on Feb 8th, and if you vote, drop me an email stating you are coming. I will email a copy of the rules to you the following week so the explanations should be relatively short on the day we play.

In the future I will suggest games like Arkham Horror, Blackbeard, The Merchant of Venus and A Game of Thrones, depending on how turnout is.

If we have a pack of bloodthirsty bastards, I would always be willing for a game of Diplomacy

Gaming last week

I was out of town in Saskatchewan last week so I had to cancel my regular gaming night. I did get a chance to play some games with my brother-in-law and his son. I even managed to convince Brenda to play a little.

The first game we played was Corsari. I finished last and I believe Brenda won. It is not a great game and I doubt I would buy it but it is ok. I play it as a light game and I am guessing I don't grasp the strategy behind it as I only went out once and Lenora still scored less then me!

The second game we played was Vegas Showdown, it isn't a great game, and it isn't an original game, but it is a fun game which is more important. I have only ever played it three times, but I have enjoyed every playing. I also won this time, so it makes it even better...

Game 3 in Indian Head was Dungeoneer: Tomb of the Lich Lord. Dungeoneer is a light game that comes as a deck of cards, it requires dice and a few tokens, but nothing else. John and I played a 2 player game that John won in about 20 minutes. He smacked me around with a creature every round and I could do nothing about it. Game two added a thrid player, Pat and this changed the dynamics of the game. I won in a close battle, with Pat being one turn from winning and John eliminated about three-fourths of the way through the game.

Friday I visited ye olde Affinity's Antiques and talked to Trent Becker. Trent is always an enjoyable person to talk with. While I was there I picked up a copy of Double or Nothing, another Knizia game, it was a toss up between this and Can't Stop. John, Brenda, Pat and I played this three times, with Brenda winning twice and John )not me) winning the final game. It is a light push your luck style game, that I cannot seem to push my luck with...

I left the game with John, partly because I think he can get his mother and his wife to play it, the rules are simple and the game is pretty straightforward, and also as a present for putting up with us for a week while we were awaiting my mother-in-laws's heart surgery.

We got back to Calgary on Saturday and Jay came over on Monday for some Battle Lore goodness. We played the first two scenarios of The Hundred Years War scenario pack. I won the first round (Crecy) 9-8 with an incredible round with my cavalry units, killing 5 of Jay's units with three cavalry units in one turn. We drew the second round (Poitiers), both of us winning once 6-3.

This brings my count of unplayed games played this year to five, one third of the way to my goal.

I also stickered the Commands & Colors #2 Expansion as well as the third one, now to find a chance to play em! I also recieved my copy of FAB: The Bulge, what looks to be an entertaining WWII block game.

BattleLore League update... finally!

Well week 5 came and went over a week ago and we seemed to have suffered some losses of players in the league. Steve never showed up for the second week in a row, so I am not sure what to do about that.

The first scenario was the battle of Crecy which Bruce and Darren fought as I had two new people drop in to learn the game so I spent my time with the mother and son. Bruce won the first game overall by a score of 10-8.

They then fought the battle of Poitiers and Darren's luck deserted him again as he lost 10-7 to lose both games that night.

The otehr group were completely new to the game so they played Agincourt (which they drew) and First Chevauchée which the son won by one at the end of the game. I missed last week due to being out of town and next week I will be at Tim's Wargaming Weekend.

I am thinking the weekend after this will be the final one, as there may only be two of us.


Darren has decided to withdraw from the league, which means it may only be Bruce and myself. If this is true, we will play Scottish Wars adventures

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Battle Lore Week 4

Week 4 had three regular players show up and one new one. I taught David how to play Battle Lore using the first two scenarios frm the BL rulebook while Bruce and Darren went head to head.

Bruce and Darren played Cavalry Advance first and in a tight contest Darren won his first game, 11-9! I fought David in the Battle of Agincourt to a draw 9-9.

Round two was another Bruce/Darren battle and another Darren win! He won this one 9-8, have the tides turned? David and I did A Burgundian Chevauchée and I won 9-6.

The standings are now


Next game session is Sunday at Myth Games. The battles are both from The Hundred Years War pack and are the Battle of Crecy and the Battle of Poitiers.