Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Game night!

On April 11th I hosted my (more or less) biweekly game night and we had 10 players that played a total of 5 games. I had forgotten (or was too lazy, you decide) to do an update on what we played, so you will only get a barebones update!

Nicole, Bryan, Simon and I played Power Grid, on the French map. In an intensely close game, particularly surprising when you realise that Bryan and Nicole played for the first time and this was Simon's first game., Nicole won. I was disheartened...

David, Anthony, Lachlan and Tim played Primordial Soup with David, the only one with experience in the game pulling off a win.

Colin and Michelle played Ingenious twice, with Colin winning one and Michelle winning the other. Michelle and Colin are both new to the game group, with this being her first visit and his second.

David, Lachlann, Simon and Tim all left early so we finished with a game of Chrononauts. Everyone but Nicole and I were new to the game, and even then our "experience" (I had played once before) didn't help as Bryan won the turn before I could.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Gaming last week

I played some games this week at Woody's on Wednesday and Jay's on Thursday of last week.

Woody, Norm and I played some three player Race for the Galaxy, with Norm winning the first game and Woody the second. Neither game seemed really close, as the winners in both games won by a fairly large margin.

We then switched to Dominion and I was crushed again, the less said about this night the better. Woody's daughter played as well, and she enjoyed it too.

I also loaned Woody my copy of Runebound so he could try it with his kids, his email response was that it was a really big hit.

I was over at Jay's Thursday night and Cory and his son came over to play and we went right back to Dominion. Cory's son proved to be the expert in a game he had never seen before and tied for first in both his first two plays of the game. He was bored after crushing everyone so he wandered off to play video games and we played some three player Dominion and then we switched to a game that I feel has had a poor reputation mainly because of it's colour scheme.

Our last game of the night was Nexus Ops, a light wargame that encourages aggression because you only get victory points by attacking. Jay commented about two turns into the game that "this is a better game then I expected". He won...