Thursday, 7 February 2008

Battle Lore Week 4

Week 4 had three regular players show up and one new one. I taught David how to play Battle Lore using the first two scenarios frm the BL rulebook while Bruce and Darren went head to head.

Bruce and Darren played Cavalry Advance first and in a tight contest Darren won his first game, 11-9! I fought David in the Battle of Agincourt to a draw 9-9.

Round two was another Bruce/Darren battle and another Darren win! He won this one 9-8, have the tides turned? David and I did A Burgundian Chevauchée and I won 9-6.

The standings are now


Next game session is Sunday at Myth Games. The battles are both from The Hundred Years War pack and are the Battle of Crecy and the Battle of Poitiers.

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