Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Battle Lore League

Week one has come and gone with 4 players playing in it. We played 2 scenarios each, one from the Call to Arms supplement and one from the Goblin Marauders supplement.

The first scenario (Muddy Waters) was played between Bruce and John with John winning 8-7. Both games were lopsided victories. Darren and Steve had a slightly different result with Steve winning both sides of the battle 14-6.

Scenario two pitted the winners of the previous games against each other in a Gobin Chevauchee. John and Steve drew the game 11-11 with both winning as the humans 6-5. Darren’s dice roll woes continued as he lost to Bruce 6-4 and 6-2.

Current standings are:


There are still 7 more weeks to play, so you can still come out and play. The cost is free, and you should bring your copy of Battle Lore (if you have one), otherwise we should be able to work around a shortage of units.

Next game time is 12 Noon January 20th, 2008 at Myth Games (#4 3434 34th AVE NE)

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Jasen said...

I've been meaning to add Myth Games events to the Meetup Calendar. Would this make sense to you? I'm sure Cory wouldn't mind... he might be willing to compensate you...