Friday, 13 March 2009

Wednesday night gaming

Brenda and I headed over to Jay's place Wednesday night for some nosh and gaming. Jay fed us some Hungarian food and then Brenda fed us some losses...

First up was Dominion, we played with the first deck with the Witch & Thief in it. I tried a new experiment and went minimal cash and tons of Gardens and other purchases. There was no Moat so the game was low scoring. Brenda got her first victory of the night beating me by one point 18-17 with Jay pulling up the rear at -5.

I demanded a rematch and we went onto the next deck (Town Square?) and this game had no Witch or Thief so the scores were much higher. I got my engine rolling and managed to squeak out a victory with 52 points, Brenda finished second at 45 and Jay was third with 27.

We finished the night with Race for the Galaxy, a game very similar to San Juan, but certainly more complex. Jay commented at the end of the game "You need a full game just to understand the game, the symbols and turns, I never got it until the last turn." Needless to say, Jay played the perfect host, finishing 3rd with 18 points, a respectable total for a first time player, while Brenda laid down 15 points on the last hand to win 35-28 over me, I was crushed.

I have no gaming plans (currently) for the weekend, but I do have my Descent campaign for next Monday and Jay and I are going to try to get together again next week. Next weekend is my game night, with Cal-Con the week after that!

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