Sunday, 8 March 2009

Thursday night gaming

Jay came over Thursday and we played some games and had a beer (or two). Jay has not played many of the two player games outside the Commands & Colors line so we played a couple of new (to him) games.

First up was Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game, a game for 2-6 players that we played 2 player. Jay took the zombies and I took the humans. We played the first scenario, with me drawing the Drifter, the Nurse, The Sheriff and Billy, his son. All of them started in their respective starting positions except the drifter, who started in the centre of the board. Jay placed his zombies and awaaaay went shambled!
He used the shamble card immediately and attacked the nurse, causing a wound, and forcing her to flee for the protection of the drifter and the sheriff. All the rest of the humans searched and came away with a gun and a first aid kit. Jay milled around the board with his zombies...

Long story short (since I didn't enjoy the game) Jay jammed his zombie into the hospital and the church, and waited me out. I lost the game, and it is now up for trade...

The second game we played was Dominion, a game that you build your deck in, much like the pregame part of Magic: The Gathering or other CCgs. Since this was Jay's first game, we played a 2 player version of the first game. Since Jay was new, and I had played several/many times I won quite handily, but he did grasp the strategy of what was going on. So we played again.... This time we played the Big Money game and Jay lost but by a much narrower score, I beat him by only 8 so points. Jay had one beer left, so the obvious thing was to play another game of Dominion... We finished off the night with the interactive deck. Jame jumped out buying the first thief which made me decide to go with all + action and + gold coin cards. I never purchased another gold coin. Jay used his thief to trash one of my coppers dropping me to 6 copper coins. He ended up beating me 52-48 in a very close game.

We are planning on doing this more often, and quite possibly switching it to Wednesday nights so Brenda is not off playing WoW.

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