Friday, 13 March 2009

Descent again

Last Monday Jay, Brenda and JC were back to finish what they had started the previous week. So they started on the third level, which was populated by some undead and a few other nasty dudes... I managed to get a kill in before they totally wiped out the dungeon and the game ended with the party at 17 CT and me at 20. The plan was for the group to head to Tamalir, do their business and then head off to intercept Sir Alric Farrow (which they did), but not before he got his first roll to trash the town (he failed). We ended up in an outdoor battle with heavy snow, so no one was allowed to move faster then their speed. They battled all of his minions, destoying them and then managed to kill Farrow as he tried to flee the board, hampered by the heavy snow he was unable to get away.

The final result was 26 CT for me and 21 for the party, pretty close, but I finally had more CT then the party. I purchased a Treachery upgrade and a Traps upgrade in those two weeks and the total CT for the two groups is 156. I have 6 CT unspent.

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