Wednesday, 20 February 2008

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This poll is for the long game night I plan on holding March 15th (players willing). I thought that you may want to get an idea of what each of the games are before you voted so here is a quick summary and a link to each.

1856 is a 3-6 player train game. The review here will probably help you more then I can. 2 things you should know, 5-6 hours and a brain burner!

Power Grid, this is a classic economics game and realistically should not be on a new games night but, I really enjoy this game and always welcome the chance to play it. This is considered to be about a 2.5 hour game. There are several new maps as well, not to mention the new deck...

Doom, a science fiction based dungeon crawl based on the video game. One player takes the role of the bugs, up to three other players take the role of marines. This is considered a three hour game.

Soldier Kings, the only wargame of the group. It recreates the battles over the new world from 1756-1763. This looks to be fairly light.

I have closed the poll on Feb 8th, and if you vote, drop me an email stating you are coming. I will email a copy of the rules to you the following week so the explanations should be relatively short on the day we play.

In the future I will suggest games like Arkham Horror, Blackbeard, The Merchant of Venus and A Game of Thrones, depending on how turnout is.

If we have a pack of bloodthirsty bastards, I would always be willing for a game of Diplomacy

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