Wednesday, 20 February 2008

BattleLore League update... finally!

Well week 5 came and went over a week ago and we seemed to have suffered some losses of players in the league. Steve never showed up for the second week in a row, so I am not sure what to do about that.

The first scenario was the battle of Crecy which Bruce and Darren fought as I had two new people drop in to learn the game so I spent my time with the mother and son. Bruce won the first game overall by a score of 10-8.

They then fought the battle of Poitiers and Darren's luck deserted him again as he lost 10-7 to lose both games that night.

The otehr group were completely new to the game so they played Agincourt (which they drew) and First Chevauchée which the son won by one at the end of the game. I missed last week due to being out of town and next week I will be at Tim's Wargaming Weekend.

I am thinking the weekend after this will be the final one, as there may only be two of us.


Darren has decided to withdraw from the league, which means it may only be Bruce and myself. If this is true, we will play Scottish Wars adventures

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