Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Upheaval! Changes! Chaos! and Savage Worlds...

So things have changed a little here. Brenda and I have moved to Saskatoon last month and I have started a new job. Since we are currently renting a place here I have not unpacked my games and will not until we are moved to our final destination in town (aka buy a house). If there is anyone in Calgary looking for a place, mine is up for sale...

All that being said, I have been playing games, just different ones than usual. Savage Timmy is a prolific painter and has started two different Savage Worlds campaigns that are part roleplaying part miniature skirmish rules. Plus I made it to a Dragon's Den Friday night and got some Brass and Race for the Galaxy in.

I like Savage Worlds, I find it a fun little game. Please remember I ran a Savage Worlds: Rippers game for awhile.

On to the games!

Tim's Cthulhu game is set in the 20's and I am playing an illiterate depressed Great War vet/farmboy from Saskatchewan living in the UK after the death of his wife... Our first adventure was set in Scotland and I was one of the diggers hired to help excavate a bog that was used in the past to sacrifice Celts to their god. (Jennifer Wraight) Amanda was the one running the show and she also hired a Ghurka named Shivanshu (Darrin) as a digger as well. Laurel Trebeau (Brenda) was hired as an aide while Höllenstadt-Fürchtberg tagged along as bait (always send the crippled one off alone!).

We were running around lost as three of the earlier crew were kidnapped and one "dead but not really dead" guy showed up with no tongue. We stumbled around blindly looking for clues when we were given a hint that I thought was a setup (which was, but not the way I thought) and we caught a break. We trailed the suspect out to the bog and caught the cultists trying to sacrifice some kidnapped surveyors and the church heretics.

We fought some zombies and the cultists and survived the ravenous bugblatter beast to return triumphantly back to town (except the German, who buggered off, I think he set us up).

Operation Barbarossa (Timmy's WWII one) is heavier on combat and lighter on Roleplaying. I play Yuri Gelakhov, a Cossack that was "recruited" into the army to shoot Germans. Gary, Rick, Dave and Patrick are all playing Russians as well trying to stem the German tide. In day one we faced German patrols and watched as the Polish "recruits" shot the heck out of the Germans.

On day two I was transferred to another unit where we had a defensive position that we had to defend to allow our troops to defend. As this was the next day, I was still carrying my wound. I was now reporting to Sergeant Trotsky (how did he survive the purge?) and had to provide stability to a group of Lithuanian "recruits". Trotsky and the Lithuanians held the centre and the right while LMG Satan and I held the left. We shot the heck out of the Germans causing them to break while only losing Satan (he was injured and unconcious) and one wounded Lithuanian.


tim said...

Good to have you back in town and playing games with us!

jj said...

Hi all, are you hosting any events or looking for more players? I'm looking to join some board game group in Saskatoon.

Jolo said...

jj, come to the Dragon's Den tomorrow, and we can meet. I currently am avoiding setting up a group until we purchase a house because all my games are still oacked.