Sunday, 30 May 2010

Gaming at the Dragon's Den

Last Friday night I headed over to the Den to play some games. When I got there a couple of people were playing Dungeon Lords (a game I am not interested in). I watched them for a while and Keith showed up with his sun.

The three of us, and one other played a game of Chicago Express, a game I have played before but when it was called Wabash Cannonball.

The game lasted 6 turns before we ran out of shares. Keith finished with 2 red shares, one yellow and one green. I finished with one of each share. The other guy finished with 2 yellow and one green. Keith's son had one each of blue and black, plus 2 greens. The stock value ended with red at 33, yellow at 32, green at 25, blue at 25 and black at 20. The final scoring ended with me at 115, Keith at 98, the other guy at 56 and Keith's son at 39.

The other guy had to leave so the opther three of us joined up with a fourth to play a couple of games of Bang! Keith and I were the outlaws in the first game with his son as the Sheriff. Keith and I won handily...

The second game had Keith as the Sheriff with his son and I as the outlaws. His son bought the line that I was the renegade from the actual renegade player and was really surprised that I was not... Keith killed me and then his son, leaving a showdown between him and the renegade. He gunned the relic down winning his second game of the night.

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