Monday, 1 February 2010

Robo Dominion Rally (or something like that)

Thursday is our usual Descent night but JC was unavailable so instead we played some other games. Those games being RoboRally and Dominion.

RoboRally is a game that I have had two different opinions on. When I first played it (4-5 years ago), I played it in a tournament with 10 other people in the game, and the next time was with 11 other people. Groups this size did not make it an enjoyable experience for me, but I ended up with it in a trade last year, and convinced Brenda to play. She likes the game and so we have played it a couple of times in the last 6 months. So, when Jay and Cory came over, I suggested this to start. Well, the game started, but my robot did not. In the time it took to pay, my robot fell into pits twice and shutdown once... I made it to the third (of four) flags in the time it took Jay to moonwalk backwards onto the final flag...

Since game one was so fast, we played a second one, and as we were setting up the phone rang so Brenda dropped out and we played three player. This time, the cards fell my way and Cory kept confusing his left from his right. I waltzed to victory, completing all four flags before Jay managed to get his first (Cory made it to the first and was just heading to the second). game two was even faster than game one!

We switched to Dominion as Brenda had just hung up the phone and we played with the rule that the ten cards were deal out and each player could reject one. I am thinking I may modify the rule and deal out fourteen and then each player rejects one...

On to the game!

I don't remember which cards we played with, except there was one duration card and the Witch was the only 5 card. I spent most of the game collecting witches and silver. I lost... by a long shot. Brenda won by 10 points or so.

So we played again, we had pirates and embargoes and barons oh my! I got crushed again as Jay narrowly squeaked out a victory over everyone else (I think I was ten points out again).

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