Thursday, 3 June 2010

Saskatoon and Gaming

If you look to the right you will find that my games played has not really changed in while. I will add one or two games on, but for the most part it stays fairly static.

There are several reasons for this: first is due to my playing a ton of Savage Worlds lately, one or two games a week, the second is that the only other games I play are at the Dragon's Den on Friday nights, which I only do every other week, third and last, Brenda and I have not purchased a new place yet so I cannot currently host game nights as my games are all in boxes upstairs (with two exceptions, Leaping Lemmings and Moongha Invaders.

I think Leaping Lemmings will be a nice quick game that I can add to my stable of racing games. It states that is takes 10-15 minutes per player to play, so with a full complement it may be up to 90 minutes long! This surprises me, but may actually be ok.

The other, looks like a wild and wacky Wallace game of monsters trashing towns. The rules are a little more confusing then that should be, but I cannot wait to get it on the table (if I could find the table!).

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