Monday, 1 February 2010

Commands & Colors

Darren hosted the usual Tuesday night gaming and this week we got back to the basics, Commands & Colors: Ancients. The game I believe is Richard Borg's best iteration of the C&C series.

I am not going to rehash how to play C&C, but instead will give more of a session report for the nights gaming.

The first battle I played against John (no not me, the other one), was the battle of Ilipa from 206 BC, historically it was a victory for Scipio Africanus over Hannibal. I played Scipio in the first battle and it held true to form, with the Romans winning the battle 7-2. We switched sides and John played Scipio, and I was sure that there was going to be a beatdown, and there was... Hannibal (meaning me) crushed Scipio 7-4 setting the stage for Zama, which was the final battle of the 2nd Punic War. This time I started as Hannibal and my amazing streak continued as Hannibal laid the boots to the Romans, defeating Scipio 8-4 and changing the entire history.

I would like to claim that my superior generalship won the day, instead it was a combination of getting the cards, getting the dice rolls and knowing what to do with the cards. My elephants in these battles were tremendous, killing multiple units before dying and minimizing the damage to my forces.

Next week, Rise of Empires!

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