Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Myth Games, good and bad

I have been dealing with Cory at Myth Games for the past year. I even ran my BattleLore league there.

Well Cory was broken into Sunday night and they stole a pile of stuff. Here is the text of the email he sent to registered users on his forum:
Myth Games was broken into Sunday night (around 12:30 AM). the cowards stole most of the electronics (DVD player, Sound system, Ipod, router and the modem) plus they took a lot of Magic the Gathering and WoW Cards. They stole pretty much the entire D&D minis RARE cabinet, some Warmachine (painted Cryx and Legion) plus some rare HeroClix.

If you hear of anyone suddenly selling a lot of Rare D&D minis (like the Undead Beholder, Raisltin the mage, The Githyanki Lich Queen etc. Contact the Calgary Police Services or Crime Stoppers.

We are currently doing inventory at the store so we will be closed until late Tuesday afternoon and we will be on Cash/Credit until we get our phone lines fixed (they actually YANKED the wires and broke them, then took the phone base.) so you cannot call the store until most likely Wednesday

So if you do hear of someone selling rare D&D minis do as Cory requested.

The good:
Myth Games is holding a launch party for AD&D 4th edition on June 7th, it is sponsored by Wizards of the Coast.

June 21st is Free RPG Day, and Myth Games are having a party for that. They is a whack of sponsors for it, including:
Wizards of the Coast
Goodman Games
Mongoose Publishing
White Wolf Publishing
Green Ronin

So if there is an RPG you are interested in trying out, maybe drop into Myth Games one of those two weekends.

If you are looking for some boardgames or RPG stuff, why not drop in and give Cory some business as well.

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