Sunday, 4 May 2008


So I went to Mayday on Saturday for some good old miniatures (and wargaming) fun. I left Calgary at 5 AM and made it to Edmonton by 7:40.

I was there to play Contemptible Little Armies, Will ran the Battle of Ypres using this system. I made some mistakes, and had some bad die rolls, and caused the Germans to win. The game was great and beautiful. Will did a great job and the players were fun.

Game two was my Commands & Colours: Ancients game, this was my third year running it, but my worst attendance, I only had three players show up so I filled in as the fourth. We played two scenarios, the first being the battle of Baecula and the latter being the battle of Telamon from the second expansion. My goal was to get the players interested in the game and teach it. I played against a new player and Cory played against someone else that was new. Cory's battle was even and close, my wasn't. I won both sides, once as the Barbarians and once as the Romans. My dice were hot, I mean smoking (I killed 5 barbarian units on the first turn). We switched games and Neal and I played Baecula. I won as Carthage by killing 2 units of medium troops with my heavy unit led by Hasdrubal and later following up with two more kills with them.

My final game was a Napoleonic battle using 54 mm miniatures and the Commands and Colors: Ancients system. We did well as the French, the moderator being surprised by the French winning by being so aggressive, as he had never seen that done before. France won 7-4 and we switched sides. I did some charges (even rolling 4 dice to kill one figure and failing) and we lost the battle 7-3, thus the other guys won the game 11-10, after stealing my brilliant strategy!

I really enjoyed the games, but I have to decide if I can afford to drive down for one day next year. The extra bonus for me was seeing some of my friends that I only see there, so chances are I will be back.

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