Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Memoir ’44 at Darren’s

Last night was the first night of what I hope will be a long running series of Commands and Colors games at Darren’s.

We played Memoir ’44, and since I was the only one of the four that had played it we played the first couple of scenarios. I am not sure who won the games on the other table as I was not paying attention to them other then to help with rules questions.

Darren and I were first to set up and played through the first three. Darren won Pegasus Bridge by a score of 6-5 in a close game. He won as the Germans 4-1 and then lost as the Allies 4-2. While we were finishing up the second half of the battle, Bruce and Steve arrived and set up Pegasus Bridge as well. They had finished their first battle by the time Darren and I set up and started the second battle, Sainte-Mere Eglise (I pointed out John Wayne on the board). I do think Bruce won both sides as I know he won as the Allies in Pegasus Bridge.

Sainte-Mere Eglise was a much closer battle. Darren won as the Germans 4-2 and I won as the Germans 4-2 resulting in a tie between the two of us 6-6. Darren still had the lead as he won the first scenario. Steve did comment that he had the best cards he had all night in the second scenario and if I recall correctly he won that session.

We set up the Sword Beach, the invasion by sea. I was extremely fortunate and managed to play three Assault Center cards which allowed me to advance a large portion of my force up and off the beach. All of Darren’s forces (three) on his left flank were destroyed which allowed a breakthrough for me. This netted me three medals and destroying a unit on his right flank got me my 4th. All that was left was for me to send tanks to the town for my fifth and final medal and I won 5-2. We switched sides and Darren did not have the same luck as me, getting his centre bogged down and only getting Probe cards for the centre. I ended up destroying his tanks (3 medals) as well as two infantry to win the side 5-2 again. This meant I won the scenario 10-4.

Next week, Commands and Colors: Ancients!

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