Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Calgary Entertainment Expo

For the second year in a row, I taught games at the Calgary Entertainment Expo, this year was different though, Brent, who normally organises these, moved to Texas. This meant I was the one doing the organising. I shanghaied recruited Tim and Thushy to help me as well.

There was one other difference too, instead of FallCon getting the room to ourselves, they had a gaming organiser. This also meant we shared the room with a Games Workshop Outrider, Cal-Con and Strategem. Bryan, the organiser, also ran some games, particularly Space Hulk and Pandemic.

For Demos we typically focus on easy to teach, fast strategic games. So once again, we taught Settlers of Catan, Ingenious and Dominion. I would guess we taught Settlers to 20 people, Ingenious to about 15 and Dominion to about half a dozen. I would guess that we talked to 100-150 people and several expressed interest in FallCon. One even rhapsodized about a convention where all you did was play games (which is what FallCon is).

Sunday afternoon Thushy also ran a teaching session for Age of Steam which went over pretty well as well.

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