Thursday, 18 December 2008

Recent Games

In August (or September)I subscribed to the latest three games from Treefrog Games and in the last couple of days I received both Steel Driver and After the Flood.

My first impression of Steel Driver is that it is very similar to Wabash Cannonball but prevents the issue of the runaway leader that I have experienced in 2 of my games of Wabash. The similarities are there because both games come from the same lineage. Wabash is a cleaned up Prairie Railroads and Steel Driver is a cleaned up version of that. I have read the rules only and while it lacks the sudden ending of Wabash it does look good. I hope to play this over New Years.

After the Flood could be a more difficult game to play, it is 3 players for 3 hours. I have not cracked the plastic yet to read the rules so I am unsure of it.

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