Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Descent again!

The second game session in my ongoing Descent Campaign was last night and it was a tough one for the players. They had two of the three levels of Starfall Forest to complete and they had a rough go.

The second level was two named Hellhounds, Frost and Blaze. I did a real number on them with Frost getting multiple kills in and the party losing a lot of heart before finally defeating the breathy bunch.

The last dungeon was with a Beastman and the Pools. They defeated the Beastman and the others with a lot of difficulty and ended up getting a copper treasure (their first!) and making out with only one more death. They drew two cursed items but elected to keep them, just for the firepower and protection.

They chose the third week to stay in Tamalir and train.

After three weeks it was Party 23 XP and Overlord 20.

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tim said...

Obviously you're not making the dungeons hard enough. BEAT THOSE PLAYERS DOWN!!!