Friday, 31 October 2008

FallCon 21! A ripe time to review

Forgive me, for I have been a slacker in my updating.

I went to FallCon (my 5th year) but this year I also helped out as an organiser for the event so it was a significantly different (but still great) experience for me.

I only played 2 games, the first being Micro Mutants: Evolution, which is, at it's core, tiddly winks... the last one being Race for the Galaxy, a variation on San Juan. I think Race may be a better game, but it is more difficult to teach.

I also moderated the Battlelore tournament, but I had a significant drop in registrants, with only 8 this year compared to the 14 I had as players last year. Since the player group was so small, it was a less stressful time for me. The winner of the tourney was a return player, which was nice.

Lastly was the auction, I purchased only 2 items, both Mythos box sets as both Brenda and I like the game, but have been unable to get more for the game in a long time. I bid on many more items, but only got those two.

My brother in law and his kids came up this year as well, so, since I was working at FallCon I made his kids (both in their twenties) do work as well... The response I got back from both of them was that since they met the organisers of FallCon and they were around there, they had a better time than they would have just as players. It was a perspective I did not expect.

OK, that is enough for now, I have three other updates rattling around in my head currently that I will try to get to soon.

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