Thursday, 21 August 2008

Battlelore to Fantasy Flight?

Days of Wonder finally admitted what seemed to be increasingly obvious to their fans, they are not capable of supporting 3 big franchises. They have sold their fantasy battle game, Battlelore, to Fantasy Flight Games.

Here are some of my quick (and probably wrong) thoughts...

This is a good thing, Battlelore and Memoir '44 both suffered for additional resources. Battlelore, after an initial flurry of expansions seems to have leveled off and both Memoir '44 and Commands & Colors:Ancients getting more posted plays on BGG.

A little over a year ago I gave my thoughts on Battlelore and how it could cause issues with Memoir '44.

The reason why this is a good deal is that it will allow DoW to further develop the Memoir '44 line, their previous two releases being the Air Pack and the Bag (neither of which I purchased) and the lone announced release for Battlelore (the troll with the paper map) which I did not really want either.

Fantasy Flight will have to really start to flog this game to start recapturing it's glory, they need the Heroes expansion to come out this year (just before Christmas would be smart) and they need to start promoting the game again.

Why it may be bad is for another reason, Days of Wonder has created a Battlelore Adventures editor (link to the right) that I am hopeful but not positive that they will port over all the information.

This also makes me wonder if DoW will be around in two years, have the owners gotten bored and will they sell off their other products? Time will tell.


Bluebear Jeff said...


I had replied to your offer at the start of August . . . but maybe my email got swallowed by a spam filter or something.

Of course I'd like them. My address is:

Jeff Hudelson
2407 Inverclyde Way
Courtenay, BC V9N 1G5

I've also instructed Blogger to send you an invitation to EvE.

I've emailed again, but am adding it here too in case the email doesn't make it again.

-- Jeff

Tao said...

Amusingly enough, I had the same reaction about DoW's fate when I read that.

Well, that and the groaning as I realised I'd have to start going through the system editing all the product codes soon.

Between the shift to Alliance and the sale of Battlelore, it seems that they are either (a) hard-up on cash or (b) gotten tired of the work and just want to reduce what they are doing.