Sunday, 3 June 2007

A change to my tracking

I have put a new tab called All Time in the Games We Play spreadsheet. It shows how many times each game has been played since I started running game nights in 2005. The All Time list is sorted alphabetically instead of by games played mainly due to laziness on my part.

The Games We Play spreadsheet is just over to the right.


tim said...

So... about that tracking system. Are the numbers the actual number of times you played the game or the number of events or dyas you played it on?

For example in 2006 it says you played For Sale 6 times... is it that on 6 different game nights For sale was played and you might have played multiple rounds? or did you play it 6 time, period?

I realize for longer games it's going to be the actual number of times you played it... You're obviously not going to play Kremlin three times in one night. But a quick game like For Sale that takes, what? Five minutes? you only played it 6 times in an entire year..?

Jolo said...

This is how many times we played For Sale at a game night, last year I played For Sale 10 times. I use it as a filler when people are arriving, or when one table is waiting for another table to finish.

For Sale, Attribut and Poison all fill very similar roles. They are light, quick and easy to teach games that we play while people are arriving or to wind up the night. I don't want to play For Sale for an hour, it would wear very thin, whereas games that are an hour long don't (for the most part).

tim said...

Cool. That's kind of what I figured.

I think it's really neat that you track the games you've played. I've been thinking I should do something similar... and maybe try to keep track of how much I've been painting..

"games that are an hour long don't [wear very thin]"

...unless it's Super Series Baseball...?

Jolo said...

Super Series Baseball takes about 30 minutes, it just seems like a lifetime.

If you want to track your games on your site you can use the google documents option (which is what I do). I can send you an invite for a gmail account if you need it.

On BGG you can track your games as well. If you look at my profile there you will see that there are far more games played by me then just these.