Sunday, 29 April 2007

Hungry like the Wolf

We had our monthly gaming session last night, and it was definitely a hairy one. The night started with me asking what game everyone would like to play and Tim Lupus suggested Werewolf. I thought some and built a werewolf deck out of some playing cards (black cards were villagers, red jacks were werewolves, the ace of hearts was the seer and later the two of hearts was the little girl).

The game was exceedingly popular, the beauty of it is that it can include any number of players, and we played with 10, plus a moderator. The first two games were run by me and were victories for the werewolves (Brenda/Tracey and Shawn/Amanda). Amanda ran the third game which was won by the villagers led by Brenda the Seer. Games four and five were run by Tim and were both werewolf victories as well, (John/Brett, John/Brenda). We added the Little Girl for the last two games, mainly for others to learn how the role works. The Little Girl was lynched early in both games (Ken and Brendan) and when Ken was the Seer in the first game he was lynched early as well.

We broke into two groups after that with one table playing Bang! which was won by the Outlaw Amanda and her two sidekicks (whose names I did not catch). The other table played Detroit-Cleveland Grand Prix . TIm made up for his awful showing last month by turning in a win, beating Ken by 20,000 dollars.

The game night group broke up at about 11:30, with plans to do this again next month.

I am thinking about a heavy game night, one game that will take 3-5 hours that I will do one day a month as well. Some of my choices are: Power Grid, Antike, Imperial, Friedrich or if we have a group of wargamers, maybe Sword of Rome, which has an expansion for a 5th player (Carthage), or Pax Romana.

Next weekend is MayDay in Edmonton, a gaming convention with an emphasis on wargames and miniatures.

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