Sunday, 22 April 2007

Commands & Colors Day, a recap

Well Commands & Colors Day has come and gone, I judge it a success. We had 9 people playing the assorted C&C games for almost 7 hours. The amount of each game played was very close, with a total of 15 games played. Battle Cry was played 4 times, with Greg collecting the most points with 12. Commands & Colors: Ancients was also played 4 times, Ken getting 11 points in his two games led the pack,. Memoir ’44 was played 4 times but three of them were Overlord! scenarios, and Orin, played in every one, racking up a high total of 27. Battle Lore was played the least, 3 times and Jay racked up a total of 8 points over two games to garner the most points in that category.

The high point of the day was the Overlord! game, it was loud, raucous and exactly the way you should end a game night.

The trash talking was a perfect way to end the game, and the Kursk tank battle was great.

Here, C-in-C Jay ordered his fellow commanders into action in the Kursk scenario.

The amazing dice rolling that Corey had, destroying the right flank of the Russians in one round simply had to be seen to be believed. This was before Corey started his attacks.

This was after...

Everyone had a good time, and although not everyone showed up, it was a success.


Ken said...

You did a Kursk tank battle with out me I am bummed out!

Jolo said...

A Kursk Overlord tank battle