Thursday, 13 August 2009

Hey look, John finally updated

Yeah, yeah I know, it's been ages since I did an update.

I have been playing games, most noticeably Age of Steam twice, Descent a couple of times and a some games of Dominion (with Rob and then again with the nephews) and not to mention a bunch of C&C:A.

Today I am here to talk about the BattleLore I played at Darren's with John and Bruce. John was new to the game so he and I played the Wizard's Lore scenario from the first game while Bruce and Darren played the Battle of Crecy in the 100 Years War supplement.

John and I had a pretty close game, both of us seemed to be slightly crippled by cards in certain scenarios. I won the first scenario 6-4, while John won the rematch 6-4. We were tied at 4 in the second game when he used Creeping Doom to kill two of my units to win the game.

Tonight we played Descent!

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