Saturday, 12 July 2008

Gaming lately

June was a slow month for me gaming with only 3 total games played, and one of them was played twice.

I previously discussed Descent so I won't get into it again, and the only other game I played last month was Combat Commander: Europe, a WWII Card Driven Wargame.

I still don't have my head completely around it so I won't talk about it, instead I will talk about the games I played this month. I have played 5 games this month and some of them are real beauties! First off, I got in two plays of Arkham Horror, with the group winning once against Shub-Niggurath, and losing once against Ithaqua. I really like Arkham Horror and I would love to get it on the table more often, maybe I will have to organise a FFG Games night, where we play some of their longer titles like AH, or Descent.

Another game we played was Wabash Cannonball, an economic train game. We played a three player game in about 75 minutes, including teaching rules. I like this game, I am just not sure if I will ever win it.

The last two I played this month were The End of the Triumvirate, a three player game set in the Roman era. It is a good solid game, I just am unsure if it is a great game, and Metropolys, a game of building towers, it was ok, but I found the board colours unsettling.

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