Thursday, 5 June 2008

Commands & Colors Day 2008

Well we wrapped up another C&C Day with a total of five players. The gaming started at 2 when Orin and Todd showed up. Todd had experience in Memoir '44, and Orin was a returnee from last year, so he was fairly comfortable with all the games. The two of them started on Commands & Colors, fighting the Battle of Akragas with Orin winning both sides. While they were starting out, Mark and Harry had shown up. I have known Mark for awhile and met Harry at the Fallcon BattleLore tourney. and having his email address, I sent him an invite. Harry was comfortable playing BattleLore but was new to the rest of the system. He and Mark played the same scenario in Commands & Colors: Ancients but splitting the battles. I use the variant victory conditions: If one player makes it to the winning number of flags, the other player gets his turn to try and tie.

Todd and Orin continued with C&C:A and played the second scenario, the Battle of Crimissos River, which they split, both winning 6-4 as Syracuse. This is late in the battle, with them tied at 3 blocks each.

Mark and Harry moved on to Memoir '44 and played the Sword Beach landing, with Harry winning as the Allies. Here they are with the landing barely in progress.

Todd had to leave, so I filled in for him and Orin and I played the first (and only) game of BattleLore. I don't remember which scenario we played but Orin felt crushed as he lost to the mighty goblins 6-4.

Harry and Mark wanted to learn Battle Cry, the American Civil War version, so I quickly taught them. They played the First Battle of Bull Run with Mark winning and then they refought Antietam and Harry was victorious.

Orin and I fought the battle of Luttich in Memoir, with both of us winning as the Germans, Orin crunching me 4-0. We wrapped up at that point almost 7 hours after we started, tired but happy.

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