Monday, 14 April 2008

Post Cuba Game Night Review

The attendance was low for, not surprising for a nice Saturday night. There were a total of four of us and we played two games.

The first game we played was new to two players, but one I have played about 25 times, Ticket to Ride. The game started out with Rick taking an early lead and me sitting at zero as I collected more and more cards. I took over the lead about halfway through the game and never looked back as I completed three trips and finished with 145 points, Brenda being second with 107. It was not to set the tone for the next game.

Game two was Grand Prix: Detroit - Cleveland, and I leapt out to an early last place by bidding high for my car and finishing 4th. Laura won the first race, and the second race but only through collusion of all the other players did she finish in sixth in the final race. Rick won the final race and with that finish plus doing well in the other two he beat Laura by 10,000 dollars, 570K to 560K. I barely broke 350K and finished well behind everyone else.

Don't forget, the Calgary Entertainment Expo is in two weeks!

Next game night will be May 17th.

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