Wednesday, 18 July 2007

I have not posted much lately

I guess it has been too hot to sit in front of a computer, next week, or later this week, I will write about Cheapass-style games and the game night review.

A new "game store" opened up in Calgary, not really a game store, more of a teacher's store than a game store. It is named Scholar's Choice, and I had a coupon for 205 off, so it couldn't hurt to check things out. I ended up purchasing RukShuk and Blokus Duo and I was given a copy of Regatta. I have skimmed Rukshuk but have not looked at the other two games yet.

I did play a couple of new games last week as well, neither of them expensive but both seems to have a good value for the cost. The Very Clever Pipe Game, a tile laying game from Cheapass Games that plays in about 15 minutes, and Chrononauts a card game in which you are a time traveler. I liked both games, but I may have liked Chrononauts a little more (I won :)) but it may be a little too chaotic in a 6 player game. The Pipe game is 2 or 4 player, and I think it shines as a two player game, I think it would be less of a game with 4, I have not played it with that number yet, it is just a feeling.

I am still waiting for a review of Enemy Chocolatier from whomever got it at New Years.


tim said...

Enemy chocolatier... uh.... I think that was me...

I haven't even read the rules yet... I've been too busy painting Chinese Infantry!

Maybe we can play it at next New Years... and then I'll write a review for you. How about that?

Jolo said...

Sure, although for some strange reason I thought you had The Very Clever Pipe Game

tim said...


I have Star Base Jeff?