Sunday, 27 May 2007

We gathered together, 13 of us, dedicated to one task and one task only; to play games!

As people slowly trickled in we had several games going at once, but first we played three quick games of Werewolf, and the werewolves won two of them.

We broke into two groups and had Pirate’s Cove and Grand Prix: Detroit & Cleveland going on at the same time. Will proved to be the rogue of the pirate group winning over 3 others while Brenda dominated in GP winning by 100,000+.

While we were playing the last of the attendees arrived and the four of them played Frank’s Zoo, with a three way tied score of 19. Steve won on the tiebreaker. He and two others then left (one game, one win, no exceptions?).

All three groups finished up around the same time so we played a couple more games of Werewolf to teach it to Robert, while Jay and Cory played a little Battle Lore. The werewolves won once and the villagers won once. Jay won the Battle Lore game 8-6.

Since I am a little slow to update, I forgot when we played For Sale, all I know is that I did not win (Jay and Brenda did) and we finished the night with Attribut. Tim won it by 1 in a close game with 3 points between 1st and 3rd..

The next game night will be June 16th, I hope to see all of you there

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