Monday, 19 March 2007

Game night Mar 17th 2007

We had 6 players show up including two new ones and played 5 games. The luck of the Irish was not evident on this night.

The night started with everyone being late so Brenda and played a game of Ta Yu, a tile laying game in which you are supposed to drain rivers. Since it was the first game for both of us, the scores were fairly low. I won in a squeaker. Tim and Brenda played it next and Brenda won that game, Tim scored higher then I did in the previous game but Brenda scored more then both our totals in the first game, romping to a huge win.

The slowpokes started to show up then so we played a game of speed, high drama and thrills, that is right, we played Grand Prix: Detroit and Cleveland. It is not really a car game, but an auction and card management game. The winner is the one with the most money after three races. Paul "He's a maniac, maniac" failed to hold the early lead in the money as I slowly pulled ahead to win.

We then played Bohnanza, a trading game, Tim "Stink Bean" and Paul "Green Bean" tied for first place in a close contest. First place finished only 5 points ahead of last. Both Tim and Paul had used Garden beans and shrewd trading in their shared win. Tim making up for his disastrous racing in Grand Prix (I think he had to write a cheque to continue playing Grand Prix).

To finish up the night we played a one lap race of Formula de - struction. Of the 6 vehicles in the race, 2 failed to finish after wrecking on the last corner on the Nederlands track. Of the final four, 2 had taken body damage in the smash up derby that occurred on the back half of the track. I managed an easy victory, pulling ahead of the rest of the pack on the 2nd corner by heading into it in 5th gear. I never looked back (well except when I saw the flames from Tim "If you can't drive dangerous, stay off the sidewalk" and Brenda "get the hell out of my way" as they were both ruined on separate accidents on the final corner.

Next game night is April 28th as the 21st is Commands & Colors Day.

I hope to see everyone on the 28th!


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